10 Questions with Comedian : Matthew Kin Yip Fong

1. Hi Matt. Tell me about your journey as a stand up?

Well I started because I was asked. I learned a lot about myself and other people, made some really good friends and I love what I do. Making people laugh is the most rewarding part of the “journey”.

2. The last time I knocked about with you, you had so many plans to take on the world, how’s that going?

Well it’s been tough but I think I’m getting there, I mean not every comic can say they have been in a sitcom. It was called ‘Missing the Point’ and I think most people missed the show. Good job I have my appearance on Take Me Out to fall back on.

3. What’s been your biggest challenge as a comedian?

The biggest challenge is being funny…if you got that covered the other stuff shouldn’t be to difficult.

4. As a promoter what’s the biggest pain in the arse?

Getting venues to see the benefits from booking at least two gigs at a time so you can exit flyer the first show.

5. What’s the worst experience you have encountered on stage?

A group of lads were trying to be funny by using racial slurs at me, unfortunately for them that wasn’t my first time dealing with idiots.

6. What obstacles do people put in your way in regards to progressing?

I don’t really think people put obstacles in the way of progress. The main obstacles are me not doing everything that I should be. Like making videos and staying on top of my website and organizing my next tour and making sure I get more social media likes and promote more, send more emails, write more jokes the list of stuff to do is endless!!!

7. Does stand up get easier as you progress?

Well stand up gets easier when you get better at it and when you are better than a lot of other comics then you progress. If you get so good at it people will book you because good acts lead to audiences having a great time and telling friends.

8. What tips would you give to someone starting out in stand up?

Write as much as you can but only when you feel inspired and if you aren’t inspired go find some inspiration and if you can’t find inspiration find a muse and if you can’t find a muse, look at porn online because 80% of your jokes for the first year at will be about masturbation.

9. Who is making waves on the circuit at the min, and why are they?

Stand out acts for me are Lauren Pattison, she has done a few gigs for me but has supported Katherine Ryan on her tour and her solo tour show lady muck is selling out, a solid act.

Rahul kohli or newybrownmale is another act that I would say is making waves he is a top bloke and very funny.

Finally just because I like the rule of three one of my favourites globally is a guy called Sid Singh, he is from the USA and his album is available on iTunes and Google, just a fantastic debut album.

10. What’s coming up next for you Matt?

Well I am writing a lot at the minute and as usual have something big in the pipe which I can’t talk about right this second.. wouldn’t want to jinx anything. But if that’s perked your interest you can follow me at @mattfongcomic and find out when I know it’s 100% for real!