Review : Weekend Recovery – In the Mourning

Weekend Recovery have made a quick turnaround from their debut full-length album earlier this year with the release of a solid new EP. ‘In the Mourning’ has a lot of positive moments and the Leeds band continue to do the garage punk genre justice, but there hasn’t really been much noticeable change since February’s ‘Get What You Came For’.

Having such a short gap between releases means Weekend Recovery aren’t bringing anything too different to the table here.


Lyrically the band are improving all the time, with more personal stories in the music complementing their emotive sound. This is never more evident than on the final track ‘I’m Not That Girl’, a heartfelt and powerful tale of a girl pushing back against everyone’s expectations for her to be normal.

It’s filled with sadness and positivity in equal measure, and definitely the standout song on the EP.


On the other hand though, musically Weekend Recovery are sometimes in danger of being a bit on the samey side. The choruses on the title track and ‘On My Knees’ hit pretty much exactly the same note, and whilst that note isn’t a bad one it would have been better to hear something more adventurous from the band this time around. You just get the feeling they’ve got a lot more gears to go through, everything could easily be ramped up a notch to really pack a punch.

They’ve got talent and consistency, but now we want to see Weekend Recovery start to experiment.