Review : Adam Stone & The Dead Sea Apes – Warheads

From the mind of writer Adam Stone, Warheads introduces us to a dystopian image of a post-apocalyptic world, perfectly accompanied by eerie undertones provided by Manchester instrumentalists The Dead Sea Apes. In short, this piece is a prophecy of all of our fears coming true, a tale of our doomed world finally collapsing under its own weight.

The sound itself seems to take inspiration from the likes of Joy Division, with distinctive ‘70s vibes present throughout. However, there is something distinctly modern within the content of the writing. This is very much a reflection of the decline into chaos we have experienced within our global community in recent years, with a hint of humour and hyperbole to soften the blow.


Through tracks two and three we experience a great oxymoron. Reduced to Zero and Retreat to your Bunker, together total 21 minutes of playtime, and are certainly the most erratic tracks, and the hardest to listen to on the album. However, their reward for the unwillingness to conform to convention on these songs is that they conjure up the most clearly frightening imagery within the whole of Warheads.

Great credit has to be given to Dead Sea Apes for the instrumental work on this album, as this is really what distinguishes it as different from what we have heard before. We have been treated to some brilliant dystopian albums recently, most notably The Blinders debut, but the swooping, irregular music which backs up the pessimistic lyrics is something excellent to witness.

The most complete song on Warheads is Broken in Two. For me, this is where they get the mix of harrowing sound spot on. This song has hints of a drunken rant, intertwined with social comment and humour. The whole product though is greater than the sum of these factors. Rather than a seven track album, this is like sitting down to a film, where you must paint the pictures in your own head, and despite it being littered with tragedy at every turn, you can’t wait to revisit it over, and over and over.