Aaron Spencer – Where Are You Now?

Regardless of who you are, the chances are you’ve been through a break-up. And regardless of which side of that break-up you were on, it’s never an easy thing to deal with. Emotions run riot. Decisions are second guessed, and nostalgia rears its rarely ugly head.

This is something that Liverpool-based Cumbrian Aaron Spencer seems to understand inherently. It’s also something he manages to encapsulate perfectly on his latest single “Where Are You Now?”.

At five minutes long, it’s definitely on the longer side of things for its genre. Over that time however, Spencer succeeds in taking his listeners through the gamut of emotions experienced in a relationship; from those tentative first dates, the beginnings of its break-up, and the inevitable uncertainty that comes in the aftermath.

While “Where Are You Now?” won’t be breaking any boundaries musically, it really doesn’t need to. Instead, much like Spencer’s previous singles, it highlights the emotional depth and nuance at his disposal, with the music serving as a backdrop for lyricism.

That the track should have started life as an acoustic offering written in Spencer’s bedroom should come as little surprise. It’s pained and tender, and certainly nostalgic, all moods that lend themselves well to an acoustic guitar.

As it stands though, “Where Are You Now?” is still impressive. Emotive and wholly relatable, Spencer has managed to distill the awkward and often painful emotions that go hand in hand with a break-up into five minutes of emotionally charged indie rock that’s as cathartic as it is charming.