Afghan Sand Gang : Fast Talk

Kicking in with a pretty dream pop beat that you can’t quite keep still to, it’s clear upon on the first listen that Afghan Sand Gangs new track “Fast Talk” is a real ear worm. It’s one of those tracks you’ll be sat on the floor, playing on repeat into the small hours with a drink in your hand a huge grin on your face.

The electro synth beat is blended with velvet like vocal with juxtaposing somewhat dark lyrics that without the upbeat riff could leave you feeling fairly glum. Lyrically the song tackles some pretty challenging subjects. Clearly written with a strong sense of frustration at the world, Afghan Sand Gang are quite politically charged in this song. Fast Talk is essentially tasking people to take their heads from out the clouds and pay attention to what is really going on in the world. Issues such as poverty, missing people and the plummeting value of the pound are touched upon. 

This is a band who have honed their distinctive sound very early on in their career, using influences from a blend of genres such as Shoegaze, Krautrock and Electronica. There is a strong late 80’s electronica vibe about this track, perhaps that is what makes it feel almost familiar, nostalgic even, although it’s difficult to find a direct comparison for it.  

The four-piece band from Moseley release the single on Friday 27th September under Whizzleberry Records. It is the first track from the bands’ upcoming project and follows a successful EP and two singles which have earned the band some much-deserved recognition and numerous plays from BBC Introducing and XS Manchester. You get the impression from this track that this a band on the verge of blowing up and well on their way to becoming a household name.