Alex Ohm – Going Nowhere Fast

With a strong build up straight out the gate, Alex Ohm gets you in the mood to tap to the rhythm and maybe get a cheeky chant out of the crowd. 

Going Nowhere Fast is more than likely going to resonate heavily with the youth of today, with lyrical content that’s going to be very relatable to those who may feel a little lost after their days of studying are over. 

Despite what may seem like a daunting and depressing subject to tackle, Alex Ohm has put together a song that never stops turning up the speed till the very end. It could easily be interpreted as the constant building of tempo and speed throughout the song is a juxtaposition to the subject matter, going nowhere fast, despite the speed at which the track moves. Whether it represents running in place and spinning your wheels at the notion of trying to figure life out. Or never truly being able to outrun life and its problems, the song is open to a lot of ideas. 

But at the core of it, Going Nowhere Fast is very feel-good, with vocals that have some carefree joy to them, backed up by a faint choir echoing the titular lyrics chanted during the chorus. Along with this is the ever building power of the song, eventually capping off in a beautiful mixture of choir, guitar, drums, violins and piano. 

It’s incredibly powerful and is truly something worth listening to if just to assure you that you are not alone.