All Consumed: Darkest End

All Consumed first hit my radar with a Metal 2 the Masses win back in 2014.  I see them crop up now and again at various gigs and I was pleased to see this week that they have a new single release and video to go with it. 

Darkest End is all you would expect it to be right from the start when the sound of bombs being released from an aeroplane hits your ears, followed by fast paced hard hitting guitars. This band really are old school death metal and they do it well. But…..

The down side of this track is that it sounds like someone has thrown a blanket over your speakers. The entire high end from the guitars is lost and the drums seem really dull. I took the time to go through the back catalogue (check out Skin Teeth if you do the same) and this is a departure for the band. It wouldn’t surprise me if this was intentional to give it an even darker edge but if you listen to it at regular levels it loses something. However if you aren’t worried about your hearing, you can just crank it up to Eleven and it will deliver high energy fast paced death metal, done really well. 

The video is definitely worth a watch also. It complements the track really well with dark imagery of war and destruction to cheer ya up on a Monday morning.