Angus Quinn – The Pit

Merging post-rock, folk and indie with added spice, ‘The Pit‘ is the latest heartfelt performance from Angus Quinn. An innovative artist that resides in an alternative soundscape, Angus Quinn is quickly becoming a true asset to the world’s alternative scene.

It wouldn’t surprise me if he even becomes a household name within the next couple of months. Recorded in his home studio with production help from multi-platinum producers Todd Wright and Jim Ebert, the delicacy of ‘The Pit’ is breathtaking and serves as a passionate moment in Angus’ career to date.

Apparently inspired by Andy Dwyer’s ‘The Pit’ on Parks & Recreation, this statement gives the track a sort of humorous side to it’s core. Not really hearing this true as Angus’ track is real, personal and powerful.

While it’s true message clearly states that the song is about observing depression from a third-person point of view, the spine-tingling arrangement escapes ‘normality’ into its own realm of capability. While the lyrics are vivid and not showing the full picture, this gives listeners a chance to put their own twist on the track.