Ashley Sherlock – Death of Me

The eb and flow of Ashley Sherlock’s Death of Me is rapid and energetic. The heavy instrumentation threw me back at least a decade, sounding like something you’d hear from a Guitar Hero best of compilation.

And like any song with Guitar Hero vibes, you can expect epic solos and powerful vocals to guide you through the piece. When both guitars overlap their solos, it makes for a triumphant moment. But it isn’t enough to stop there, bridging from guitar solo to vocals and then back to the solo again builds up the hype in way that needs to be experienced to truly be appreciated.

At times the solo and vocals overlap as well but there is so much energy that you’ll want to listen over a few times to properly notice it.

It’s also incredibly catchy. Before I’d even finished, I felt like I knew the words. A lot of that comes from the most satisfying vocals happening right at the hook of the song, leaving a lasting impact in your mind.

Once you learn the hook though, the song doesn’t do much to surprise you, but that’s not necessarily a negative; more it shows how Death of Me can settle the listener into the feeling it’s trying to evoke.

It’s less of a head rocking banger and more of a foot stomping, jumping off the walls kind of tune.

Give it a listen if you need a song that’s not afraid to make you feel cool.