BAD KNAVES are a quartet from West Yorkshire that specialise in good old fashioned British post-punk. Returning to the scene refusing to be ignored, their music combines their love for post-punk, alternative and psychedelia. Uniquely combine these elements makes their distinctive sound. Modern yet still holding onto a nostalgic presence of the 80’s post-punk scene, Bad Knaves create an atmospheric sound in “Murmur” that can make anyone elevate out of their winter blues.

Indian Head‘ begins with an indie-esque production and melody that ignites a spark in anyone’s hearts. What feels natural about the track is the unpredictability, while the guitar feels smooth and relaxing, the manic vocals preach a punk style with pure honesty. An iconic number to have first on the release. ‘Mealworm’ sounds like it could be on The Peaky Blinders soundtrack. Petition to make this happen, please? As the second-longest track on the EP, it holds onto your attention and never lets it go. Captivating vocals and an arrangement that’s intimate yet ready for a stadium, this number is ready for BBC Radio 6. 

Glorious‘ is the shortest track and is fuelled with attitude in a post-punk structure. Armed with a huge arrangement, the track feels like it’s on a battleground waiting for its arch-enemy. Another huge hit on the EP. Last track ‘Weeping Mound’ maybe just under 9 minutes long but it’s got a bit of every genre in for everyone. There’s a post-punk, indie, alternative and even experimental. As the number progresses, it builds into a storming finale that states that this band are ready to take their career to the next level. An exceptional second EP from BAD KNAVES.