BAD LUV – Desire By Design

Desire By Design lets off a lot of energetic steam with floor jumping riffs and low haunting vocals that could fill a room on their own. Their strong Barnsley voice adds plenty of rawness to a gripping rock tune that is loud, proud and an encouragement to move your head about.

BAD LUV provide a sweet combination of indie rock style vocals, matched with the fuzzy hard rock guitar and noisy leads that just seem to compliment each other nicely.

You are taken for a walk with steady bass and drums in the verse where the vocals stand out greatly, and then like the clicking of fingers these accessible yet chunky guitars fill out the song and any area that seemed to lack in sound is spilling out everywhere.

The leads provide an infectious aura around the song which almost gives a spooky vibe. The guitar effects used on both rhythms and leads is complimented with moments of desert rock sounds in the heavier moments that make them sound massive.

The drums break through like a powerhouse in the track and I like the way they have been mixed, clearly a kit that is so tight you could squeeze juice with every hit.

A juicy mix of a song altogether.