Bedside Manners : Underclass

Liverpool’s Bedside Manners bring three minutes worth of chaos and carnage on their latest single ‘Underclass’. The track steams through your ears like a runaway train, but also shows off some very impressive technical elements along the road.

‘Underclass’ is totally relentless, beating you over the head from the off with pounding drums two guitars going HEAVY on the pedals. The lead is like a mad scientist, barely able to keep his instrument under control in the best way possible. It’s wild.

The ferocity and pace of the track has meant, however, that Bedside Manners had to sacrifice the lyrics a little bit to reroute that extra energy. The chorus is catchy enough when you’re in the moment, but it’s comes across quite vague considering the politics loaded in the title. 

All that being said though, ‘Underclass’ is a very enjoyable track, and you’ll be playing it over and over again since its onslaught comes and goes in the blink of an eye. The musicianship is absolutely top quality; these lads are very talented indeed. 

The lyrics aren’t quite there, but that comes with experience, and to be honest this song is so berserk that singing makes way for moshing anyway.