Blown Away By Giants – Rosaleen

Blown Away By Giants is the product of 2 Irish singer songwriters, Chris McGuiness and Jordi Shevlin, coming together using their years of music industry experience to produce beautiful indie-folk music. Their debut single ‘Rosaleen’ is evidence of their experience and skill, as it is a well crafted relaxing folk love song that will have your emotions in the palm of its hands.

‘Rosaleen’ has all the components of a modern-day folk song, from the soft and intricate finger picked rhythm on an acoustic guitar, to the harmony between the two singers in the vocals. The song lyrics are a heartfelt story of someone in love and they are sung beautifully with the backing vocals complimenting the main vocals rather than getting in the way. 

 Blown Away By Giants show their skills in song production in the way the song is put together. There is a good mix of soft and fast parts to the song, which helps symbolise the ups and downs of love that the lyrics sing about. Everything in the song fits and doesn’t feel out of place. A good example is the build up before a slight instrumental breakdown which is loud and fast yet keeps the rhythm and feel of the song,

‘Rosaleen’ is a great debut single for Blown Away By Giants as it shows their talent yet leaves you wondering what else they have in their locker. Hopefully, we see it soon.

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