Bluebyrd – Find Your Way

Indie folk-rock duo Bluebyrd return with their second album to date. Titled ‘Find Your Way’, the West Midlands based two piece comprises of songwriter Chris Rowley on guitars/vocals and Gareth Pask on keyboards. Released May 12th on CD, three singles have been released as promotional releases for the hype of the album. With a later digital release schedule set for September 1st, this is due to the music industry being put on pause in the current climate. 

‘Find Your Way’ plays as the title track on the release, and will fulfil your indie-folk needs. Telling the story of navigating through the chaos of social media, this track feels important in today’s day and age. While in the middle of a global pandemic, Find Your Way guides us through with comfort and a gentle virtual hug.’ Song For The Duped’ is another uptempo number that glides with strength from start to finish. It’s the kind of track that’s danceable yet makes you sit and think. ‘It’s Ok’ feels relevant and important amidst the current state of the world. Proving things will be ok if we just wait it out, this folk wonder is armed with guidance. 

‘Give It To Me’ is a strong contender on the release. You can picture the scenes at a live-show of this duo packing out the dance floor with this soulful folk tune. There’s elements of blues, folk, and even indie in the mix of this number, proving it’s one for everyone. Fast paced and living up to the expectations of the previous track, ‘Bubblin’ Over’ is filled with high-hopes. Based around a simple blues arrangement, it just goes to show that even after all these years of listening to the blues, it can still make you tap your foot and groove to the music.  Previously released single ‘Not The Only Show In This Town’ may be a mid-tempo number, but its arrangement will pull at your heart-strings. This slower track feels like it could have been placed slightly earlier on the album purely because the momentum feels slightly lost.

‘Get On Board’ sticks with the same momentum of the previous single, and feels like it should have been placed earlier on the release too. Saying that, the ballad showcases Bluebyrd’s songwriting ability. ‘Moving Into Your Scene’ plays as a memorable melody on the release. Heartwarming and making you stop and think of the beauty of this world, ‘Moving Into Your Scene’ is a light within the current darkness. ‘Blue Bird’ feels like something taken out of a hit musical. It’s traditional but features refreshing sounds of today’s world. The slow number may feel darker than the other singles, it’s this track that will make you fall completely in love with the sound of Bluebyrd.

Last track on the album ‘Pilgrims’ feels like it’s continued the same vibe as ‘Blue Bird’. Near enough 6 minutes long, this number weaves through dark and light sections. With synths slightly in the mix, this track hears the band in a completely different light. One thing about the album that feels slightly repetitive is the track’s production feels slightly retro and could do with a brighter sound in parts. Saying that, as an album that’s been self-produced, mixed and mastered, we’re pretty impressed with the finished product. Showcasing Bluebyrd staying true to themselves as possible, ‘Find Your Way’ is a warming release. 

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