Blvff – Shame

BLVFF pronounced bluff, hail from the Midlands. The young and vibrant band haven’t been around for long but are already creating a comfortable fanbase and boast numerous streams on sites such as Spotify. Describing themselves as dark indie, the new single ‘Shame’ feels slightly too bright to be considered as dark, which isn’t a bad thing.

Creating a light within the darkness of their music, makes us as the listeners feel like this band is real. Most indie rockers stick to a type of corrupt system, but there’s something about BLVFF that makes them feel different. Succumbing to the belief of “we stand up for what we believe in”, it’s rare to hear a young band announce this to the world and actually stick by it.

Only had myself to blame type of nature, there was no Shame in the circumstance of the songwriting process. Sticking to the “we aren’t perfect and we’re not trying to perfect” announcement, there are a few imperfections that make the band feel more ‘human’. Most music is overproduced and processed by a computer, so hearing a true song be pored out is stunning. Instrumentally, the music is all there and can be hard in it’s entirety and not forgetting the very indie-esque vocals. Looking forward to hearing where the band takes us in their upcoming journey.

Will it lead to just laying down the aboriginal roots of indie or will they redefine indie music and call it their own? Who knows, we’ll just have to wait and see.