Blvff – Want For Nothing

Taking a lot of inspiration from the Indie Rock phenomenon that’s continually influenced British music for the past two decades, Blvff have thrown their own hat into the ring. 

Utilising the usual rock band formula, there’s a lot of great technical skill on display. There’s a fun sound conveyed through Want For Nothing, using a great mixture of varied guitar that ranges from distant twanging to a close and deep rhythm section that’s fairly straightforward. 

With a lot of great drum flourishes throughout, it does add a slightly high tempo to proceedings. Along with good strong bass, ever-present and giving a bit of meatiness to the rhythm. It’s good to see as the bass can sometimes be drowned out and forgotten if the mixing is slightly off. 

There’s a lot of great things to say about Want For Nothing, especially when it comes to technical execution, using a solid foundation of inspiration and homegrown ideas. The issue comes with how safe its played. Blvff sound very entrenched in the indie rock norm and don’t dare push the envelope beyond that with Want For Nothing.

It’s a solid track but has very little in the way of defining features to call its own. Something a little more risqué and out there would really benefit Blvff, setting them apart and carving out a niche. Instead, Want For Nothing falls by the wayside and feels like it’s lost in an ocean of similar sounds. But with the great execution, they could really do a lot in the future.