Brioni ft Two-Man Club – I Think

When you think of a collaboration, you instantly think of two creatives bringing something different to the table to create some sort of innovative idea. Brioni and Two-Man Club do exactly that in latest release ‘I Think’. A track that’s prominently based around a pop arrangement, there’s subtle fragrances of industrial within the track’s rhythm, giving it a sort of electronic feel.

Bringing you up to speed on both artists, Brioni is known for being an artist that completely thinks outside the box. Combining music with art and embracing her synesthesia, this vibrant artist brings wondrous textures to this collaboration. Two-Man Club an an experimental music duo making dark sounding techno.

An exhilarating release that doesn’t hold back, this track feels like it could cater to everyone. There’s spoken word, powerful dynamics and glistening synthesisers making it a versatile release suited for your playlist. While the monochrome sample pulsates at the same rhythm throughout, it’s Brioni’s vocals that carry the track along on a leash.

Breaking boundaries with it’s innovative sound, this sound could easily be placed in 90s and today’s music. Refreshingly original, ‘I Think’ is an experimental dark-wave track that has the power to transport you into another dimension.