Broken Dollars: Now It’s Summer

Guildford duo Broken Dollars bring a pretty serviceable rock’n’roll track to the table with their latest single ‘Now It’s Summer’, but they haven’t quite figured out how to translate their sound into a studio setting yet by the sounds of it.

Creating enough noise as a rock two-piece is a massive struggle if you haven’t got the spare cash for some pretty heavy duty equipment, leaving Broken Dollars’ guitar and drum setup sounding very threadbare. 

Their success up to this point suggests their sound must work pretty well in an intimate setting, but based on this single they’re going to have to invest in some new members or some beefier hardware to move up to the next level.

Now It’s Summer’ isn’t without its merits though; the songwriting is tight and the hook is catchy. It’s on the repetitive side, but that’s far more down to the instrumentation that the lyrics. 

Having just the one guitar means they have to leave out any exciting riffs for a standard bit of rhythm, which of course is dull but has to be there, or else the song would have absolutely no depth.

Broken Dollars’ debut album arrives in early September, and it’ll be interesting to hear if the problems that hold them back on ‘Now It’s Summer’ are a one-off or not. There’s certainly no lack of talent with the Surrey duo, and once the operational issues are ironed out they’ll have a good thing going.