Broomhead – Petrichor Part 2

Manchester band Broomhead brand themselves on their Twitter as “something that is very different yet somehow familiar”, and frankly that hits the nail on the head. 

On their ‘Petrichor Part 2’ EP, they work some incredible craftsmanship into a warm, comforting nostalgic embrace that really is a pleasure to listen to. They have achieved in mirroring the “Petrichor” feeling that they EP is named after.

It’s a credit to the band that they’ve created a style that is perfect for chilling out, but also contains bags of enthralling artistic quality if you feel like listening a little deeper. 

The drums on ‘Man I Wanna Be’, the bass on ‘Didn’t Mean It’ and the gorgeous little guitar riff that pops up in the second verse of ‘Where Do We Go From Here?’ are absolute joys.

Broomhead, for the most part, find a way to keep their winding, melodic tracks very interesting indeed, perhaps apart from the final track where the acoustic strumming isn’t quite versatile enough to avoid being repetitive.

The vocals are in pretty decent nick as well, particularly moving into the upper register in the second track, and they’re an uncanny soundalike for R.E.M’s Michael Stipe, who’s clearly a massive influence for the band. Usually sounding so close to an existing band would flash up as a negative, but something about the way Broomhead do it just makes sense. 

All in all, ‘Petrichor Part 2’ is a lovely little job. Pretty much across the board the songs are top-drawer, particularly in the instrumental department. The lyrics are solid, but a little more adventurous with them next time around would be a good next step for an impressive band.