BTAV – Suspicion

Ever felt suspicious in a relationship or even a friendship? Ever felt like you’re hanging around with someone that can’t be trusted? This anthem is the perfect song for you. BTAV is a solo artist originative from Baltimore, Maryland in the US. Back with his fourth single to date, this suspicious anthem will resonate with listeners who have ever felt extra cautious around certain people.

Titled ‘Suspicion‘, the track is quick off the mark and refuses to be mellow. Bathed in trap elements and hypnotic lyricism, BTAV combines multiple genres together to add his distinctive flavour. Focusing mainly on hip-hop and trap, the track dives into electronic pop and features a soft, optimistic chord progression that radiates hope throughout. Whilst the track’s message is somewhat sombre and tense, the playful production is reassuring and comes across as positive.

Slightly repetitive in parts from the vocals, the track feels like it lacks in imagination. Lacking in momentum of excitement, the track is screaming for another section that feels less predictable. Short but sweet, ‘Suspicion’ certainly does grip your attention from the first note. Even though there are moments where it lacks in substance, this is still another great track from BTAV and comes across as mature and eager for the next challenge.