Call In Dead – Summer Camp

Hard to ignore and carry on with your day, Call In Dead really don’t give a fuck. Having grown up playing in hardcore punk bands in DC, Orlando based Call In Dead refuse to be left in the shadows. If the music was a person, it would be the type of person that would be up all in your face wanting to cause trouble with their mischievous nature. Titled ‘Summer Camp‘ – the 1.38 long single may be short, but it has all the elements of a punk masterpiece in the palm of its hands.

Written during the pandemic when the drummer and bassist of Call In Dead switched from doing live shows and took to live-streaming (as most of the world did), ‘Summer Camp’ was born. A hardcore punk track that meets the fun-loving attire of ska music, this track will instantly get you on your feet and jumping. It doesn’t matter where you’re listening to it… on a bus? Get up and dance…. In the Shower? Use the shower head as a microphone. Addictive and not for the timid, this energetic anthem is like something straight out of a horror scene where the protagonist fights the enemy, but has a cheeky laugh along the way.

Inspired by the old John Candy cartoon ‘Camp Candy’, this ‘Summer Camp’ is something we should all sign up for. Adventurous, armed with attitude and angst – punk rock will never die.