Cellar​ Door Moon Crow : You Got this

Sheffield’s very own Cellar Door Moon Crow’s debut album is a whirlwind of a record created to make gig-goers lose all their sense of dignity and self-control. ‘You Got This’ is a mad, totally unpredictable beast that demands respect.

You Got This’ is the culmination of tons of grafting and a gradual increase in popularity for the duo, and you can tell a lot of time and consideration went into the making of this album. 15 tracks is a monster effort, despite the fact that only a handful of them are longer than three minutes.

It’s not just the volume of material, but the quality of the production as well that really stands out. There are plenty of neat little details and it’s all organised in a way that makes the wild genre-hopping insanity make sense, which is no mean feat.

CDMC draw on influences that are rarely heard these days, mainly combining a base of heavy, two-piece garage rock with hip-hop,  giving ‘You Got This’ both foundation and flavour. 

The homage to acts like the Beastie Boys is clear, but CDMC do what all the best hip-hop masters have done over the years by putting a lot of effort into creating a brand- beginning their own legend almost.

They’re here for one thing and one thing only: to get you pumped up. Every track is another little ball of motivational energy, rolling on and on like a pandemic of positive vibes. It’s so infectious it’s almost exhausting.

CDMC have got an eclectic formula going on that sets them way apart from the usual crowd, and after hearing this album you’ll no doubt want to be part of their rebellion.

📸 Credit : Mal Whichelow

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