Cellos – Sea or Sky

Just to clear this up firstly… no, they do not play the cello. Young indie rock quartet Cellos released their debut EP ‘Sea or Sky’ back in October 2019 and have already spread the word far and beyond through the power of music. Their message seems to be creating tracks that are straight to the point and grab your gaze from start to finish. With all the songs on the EP being under 3 minutes, the short but sweet EP will feel close to your heart as an important release in Cellos bright future. 

Wanderlust’ sparkles onto the scene with stadium ready guitars. It’s an indie anthem that needs to be played loud. Revolving around only a few chords, it’s what they do with those chords that sparks my attention. Using dynamics to transport listeners back to simple times, it feels like a positive number that the world needs to hear while suffering. ‘Smiles’ will uplift your soul and even put a happy gesture on your face. Featuring a bass line that walks into tomorrow, the one thing that the track needs is another section. It needs something that the crowd can sing a long to at shows and I can even hear a call and response arrangement being added into the end to make it stand out that little bit more. 

Pinnacle’ is the experimental indie anthem that the EP needed. It feels a lot more modernised than the other tracks and showcases a band evolving with their sound while still being on the same release. With a drum section that stabs you in the heart while repairing it with it’s warming sound, the rhythmical number feels like a statement that the band don’t want to be ignored. Going back to what I previously said for ‘Smiles’, this track also feels like it needs to be slightly longer just to get a clearer message across. ‘Say No More, Say No Less’ uses an offbeat arrangement to get it’s point across.

As the shortest track on the EP, it illuminates once again that Cellos songwriting screams for that little bit more. While adding in a bridge or even a longer instrumental break, the track could be so much more. If you’re into much that will make your foot tap though, this is right up your street.

Cindy’ is the love ballad on the EP. Completely stripped back and pulling on your heart strings, Cindy showcases Cellos’ softer side and rose tinted glasses. ‘So Happy’ is a well rounded tune that sits highly as the best track on the whole release. Including confident vocals with enchanting lyrics, the instrumentation that sits behind it glistens in the sunlight. ‘So Happy’ will certainly leave a good impression on you and if so, make sure it sits at the top of your playlist. ‘Cinnamon Kiss’ transitions as a strong closer. Beginning with an upbeat acoustic style, the track finishes in a polished stadium ready aura once again. Leaving listeners wanting more, the EP feels like a band that love what they do. I think I can speak for all of us when I say… WE WANT MORE!