Chiasmata – Haustorium

Following on from their debut self-titled EP, Chiasmata bring you their new single Haustorium. You would be forgiven from the intense bass in the first few bars for thinking this would be pretty formulaic metal song, but it is anything but. The band describe themselves as Progressive Metal and it is a fair description as this takes the genre of metal in new and interesting direction. Ok, they are not re-writing the book or anything, but it certainly feels like a refreshing variation. 

The recording quality is for the most part quite high apart from the fact that the superb vocals of lead singer and bassist Zoe Gale are drowned out a little with an abundance of reverb. The track is accompanied by a music video on YouTube which again, is of great quality, and supports the rousing energy of this highly dynamic track. Former drummer Dom Gilbert has been replaced on this new release by Cam J. Booth, who fills the roll well. In fact all the musical arrangement in this song appears to have been thoughtfully and carefully constructed and there are certainly no parts which appear to have been an afterthought. 

This is a tune well worth a listen and I suspect a band worth looking out for on tour.