Comedy : The Top 5 Favorite Comedy Podcasts

I love listening to comedy podcasts. It’s a refreshing alternative to listening to the radio on your commute or watching something on TV.

I even make my own comedy podcast “The Life’s a Pitch Podcast”, a show where we pitch film ideas based on made-up titles people give us, which you can find on most podcasting apps. I obviously recommend giving that a listen. But enough about my own podcast.  Here’s my Top 5 comedy podcasts.

My Dad Wrote a Porno

This surely needs no introduction. My Dad Wrote A Porno might be the best comedy podcast coming out of the UK right now. It answers the question of what would you do if one day your dad started writing erotic fiction? The answer clearly was to read out a chapter of it each week so that the whole world can hear it! My Dad Wrote A Porno is essentially just that. Every week the hosts Jamie Morton, James Cooper, and Alice Levine read a chapter from Jamie’s dad’s series of erotic fiction, entitled “Belinda Blinked” and it is the most incredible look into the mind of someone who has no idea how to write, let alone write erotic fiction.

Put Your Hands Together with Cam & Rhea

I’ve been a huge fan of American comedian Cameron Esposito for a long while. She, along with her wife Rhea Butcher, are the hosts of a comedy night in Los Angeles every Tuesday. This is the perfect podcast for someone who enjoys going to comedy clubs and seeing acts they’ve never heard of do fresh, short sets. Because it is a recording of live events it’s the closest you get to being at a live comedy show without being at a live comedy show.


Dan Harmon is the man responsible for such cult TV shows like “Community” and “Rick and Morty”. Harmontown is a podcast that has been running for the past seven years and is a live show recorded in Los Angeles. The show has a very loose format and mainly consists of Harmon and his friends (including Whose Line Is It Anyway’s Jeff Davis) and more often than not, the audience talking about the events of the week and discussing problems audience members or guests have. The whole thing is very much in Dan Harmon’s sense of humour. If you love whatever the man has created in the past decade, and you haven’t found this podcast yet, this is the podcast for you!


Fistshark Marketing

This is an unusual one… one, because this is the only podcast in this list that is no longer running (though still available on most podcast apps) two, because this is also the only fictional based podcast on the list. Fistshark marketing is an exploration of the weird world created by Youtube’s Jim Sterling, Conrad Zimmerman and Caitlin Cooke. Every episode is a board meeting with the executives at a fictional marketing company. Where they discuss what scandals their celebrity clients have been getting into (Dean Cain, Robin Thicke and Corey Feldman to name a few), horrific, sociopathic ideas for marketing stunts and how to make Craig the intern’s life a living hell every week. If you like dark, twisted humour this podcast is definitely for you!

Plumbing the Deathstar

Ever wondered where the sewage went in the Deathstar? Or what if Professor X ran Hogwarts? Well “Plumbing the Deathstar” has got you covered. It is part of the Sanspants radio network which comes out of Melbourne Australia. Their other shows like “Shut up a second” and “Dnd is for Nerds” are equally as hilarious and cover a huge range of topics. I have been listening to most of them for a good few years by now and it just keeps getting better!


Also available LIFES A PITCH 

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