Comic Con, Manchester Review 01/06/19

Monopoly Events, the team behind the epic Love of Sci and newly launched Love of Wrestling as well as Comic Con Liverpool and Comic Con Scotland launched their first Comic Con at Bowlers Manchester at the weekend so we decided to grab the cosplay outfits and check it out….

Themed as a Love of 80s and 90s convention, the event was brimming with films and TV starts including  Steve Guttenberg alongside other members of the Police Academy cast as well as a Gremlins Special,  and a pleather of Baywatch Babes.

As well as all the traders catering for shopping geek heaven (Im now the proud owner of a set of Star Wars plates and a Darth Vader cake mould) and all ages of cosplayers wandering round ready to smile with fans,  what impressed  me the most was the amount included in the ticket price, Comic conventions can often require you to part with huge amounts of cash, from tickets, to photo ops and signing tables and often not much else to do.

The event offered a full program of activities, with a panel of all guests that included reuniting the Police Academy cast for the first time in 30 years,  a huge retro gaming arcade as well as free photo opportunities with  list of props and set builds including the Simpsons living room, Gremlins kitchen,  Doctor Who’s Tardis, the Delorean from Back the Future and KITT from Knight Rider.  My personal high point was having my photo taken with Paul Blake, aka Greedo in the infamous “hive of scum and villainy,” the Star Wars Cantina bar.

Next on the cards for the team at Bowlers is For the Love of Horror October 19th and 20 th www.fortheloveofhorroruk.com/and Love of Sci Fi December 7th and 8th www.fortheloveofsci-fi.com/ and I definitely wont be missing it.