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Reyt Good Magazine is an independent Music website championing new music, film and comedy. With a team based across the UK, RGM has become a influential force, and the place to be for people looking to find exciting new bands and original content. Do you have a message for us or are you Interested in working with RGM? For Artist / Band submissions please scroll down to the second form. Advertising on the site is handled by our own in-house team. For advertising, sponsorship and business communication, please contact Carl on

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Cost is optional and completely voluntary, donations go towards the costs of running our magazine. Select the amount you feel the service is worth to you. You will not receive any preferential treatment by making a donation. If you are kind enough to make a donation please use this link PAYPAL

We promise to be honest in our reviews unlike other music publications, which means if we don’t think it’s very good we will say. Please do consider this before you submit. We get sent 100’s of submitions a month so please take your time when submitting.

RGM is an honest online music magazine. We offer exposure to artists through live shows, TV, radio, podcast and social media services.


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