Crossfire Eagles – Episode

Sheffield outfit Crossfire Eagles new track Episode is due for release on the first of may, here’s what we thought of it…

With a catchy melody and an infection indie rhythm at its heart, this track certainly has the feel of a big summer tune. Driven mainly by relentless riffs, this is subconsciously an uplifting, anthemic piece of music. However, on second and third listen to start to realise that behind attitude and the building rhythms of Episode is a more melancholy theme and that this is much more than another happy-go-lucky summertime song. 

Episode is in fact a heartfelt look into some quite serious issues they’ve noticed living in Sheffield. They were inspired to write this song when seeing the growing number of homelessness as they went about their daily business in their hometown, and tried to artistically imagine life in their shoes. They have dedicated this track to people who have to experience that on a daily basis, and also those who struggle with mental health issues, and I for one would like to commend them for this in a time where those two groups have undoubtedly been hit even harder than the rest of us.

The theme and the music certainly feel especially Northern. The feeling of all for one they convey in attempting to be arm in arm with who are struggling, whilst simultaneously having such a raw, almost aggressive passion in the sound just seems so distinctly Sheffield to me. Whether or not they have taken inspiration from other steel city bands I can neither confirm nor deny, but the everyday storytelling that is clearly present in Episode would suggest they are. 

One influence you can strongly feel in this track that of more old school rock. There are definitely elements that you feel may have stemmed from someone like Queen, in how melodic parts of this song are. The composition of the song and the instrumentals feel especially inspired by this sort of more polished rock music. That’s not to suggest at all that this sounds dated, though. The more ‘rough and ready’ approach to the vocals and lyrics definitely gives it a modernised edge, and it mixes effortlessly with impressive effect. 

Overall, this is a brave track. It’s much more than just another indie track, but retains enough energy and ferociousness to keep it interesting on multiple fronts. They claimed “The main goal of this song is to pay tribute to them, along with anyone struggling with mental health issues”, and nobody can deny them that they have done that and more spectacularly. Well worth a listen, and so apt for the times we are living it.

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