Day of the Jackal – Puppet Show

Day of the Jackal describe themselves as a ‘straight up, balls out, hard rock’ band. It’s a great way to describe your band and I applaud their candour. 

The band seem to have been around for about a year, looking at their social media footprint, but with this release, Puppet Show their new 3 track EP, it is their first time coming across my radar.

I’m sorry to say it but the first thing that strikes you when you listen to the EP is low production levels. All the instruments are very roomy and whilst everyone has to start somewhere, I think it sounds a little more like a good quality demo than a full on release. 

Once your ear is attune to the sound quality, i.e. you turn it up loud so it doesn’t matter, the talent of this band is apparent. The drums are where they should be in the most part, the guitars are played well with some well-crafted solos thrown in and I really like the way lead vocalist, Andy Overfeild, sounds, he is a clear rocker, make no mistake, gravelly voice and all. 

The first track, Riskin’ It All, is a good example of the aforementioned guitar solos. It is a testament to this band, that whilst relatively newly formed, they have clearly been around the musical ‘block’ and the tracks they have produced here shows this.

The second track, Til The Devil, improves upon the first and sounds very much like the songwriter was listening to a lot of Guns and Roses and Motley Crew when they were putting the parts together. Obviously that is meant as a compliment, not a negative. 

The last track Rock N Roll Deathride nicely tops of this EP, it is fast paced and full of profanity like all great rock songs should be. 

I would sum this EP up as great driving music, the songs are catchy, the guitar licks and solos are top quality and you would certainly be looking at your speedo wondering why you are going so fast. Production aside, I think they are refreshing and a credit to this genre and I look forward to what is up next.