Dead Cherry – Every Sale Is The Same

Northern Trio Dead Cherry release their debut single ‘Every Sale Is The Same’ in anticipation of their forthcoming EP ‘C.R.E.E.P’…

Leading us into the music with a heavy, muddy bass riff, standard rock drumbeats and trebly guitar chords, the rough and ready sound of Dead Cherry is anything but discrete. The lyrics display a punky, vernacular styled narrative, idolising popular stylistic techniques of the 70s/80s. Paying further homage to the beloved genre, static feedback weaves in and out of the instrumentation throughout the track, creating a dark, DIY-gig tailored ambience around the music.

The tracks verses, choruses and bridges follow a standard pop structure which does sway closer to the shores of safe predictability as opposed to the more rebellious nature of punk rock. The style explored in the guitar solo also clashes a little with the tracks genre, as it’s ‘rock-ier’ tones are played in a style suited more to that of a classic rock track as opposed to taking advantage of a fuzzy, punkier grit.

The lyrics of the track have a charmingly charismatic whit to them, mocking Friday night drinkers and the tacky aesthetic of cocktail bars. Describing the lyrical content, the band explains, “Our debut single ‘Every Sale the Same’ describes in its essence the work hard, play hard mentality. The adrenaline and alcohol fuelled rise to the very top of the career ladder and looming threat of the Icarus effect – plummeting right down back into the depths of whatever hole you’ve found yourself in”, (Dead Cherry).

Dead Cherry’s debut single is a respectable entry into the world of grittier music. Undeniably influenced by punk, the execution has missed a couple of tricks in regard to tones and structure but that’s not to say ‘Every Sale Is The Same’ is a bad attempt at all. The band still have a little more stylistic exploration to do, but they are well on their way to delving into an exciting world of punky experimentation.