Deadwing – May

Deadwing describe themselves as a Gothic Psych Rock band from Manchester, whose influences are Black Sabbath and Radiohead. When I read that I worried a little, as those two bands seem very much at opposite ends of the spectrum to me and what their love child would look like I wasn’t really keen to see. 

The opening ninety second of this six minutes epic had my face scrunching up a little. The lovely reverberant guitar work absolutely drowns out the vocal track and I was straight away perturbed. The lead vocalist Ellis Elwyn can clearly sing and I wanted to hear her!!

To be fair, once the track builds the production quality increases, and whoever mixed the track lets us hear her, and it is worth hearing! This is not a track that is going to have you dancing around the living room, it is more the kind you sit in on a wet Wednesday evening and listen to, whilst thinking about all the things you still haven’t done yet in your life. 

The biggest compliment I can give this song is that it doesn’t feel anywhere near as long as it is. It really pulled me in and made me listen to the lyrics which are well crafted. It builds really well like a song of this type should and the big finish is quite moving. 

A bit of work on the vocals and roomy drums for the next track and Deadwing will do well.