Detest ​ : Human Scum

Human Scum was released as a single a few months ago and this week I was able to listen to the newly released, debut E.P. from Manchester based, deathcore band, Detest. 

Having previously listened to Human Scum, I already had a good idea what to expect from this release and it delivers in spades the sort of slow, ethereal, downbeat grinding, lovers of this genre expect to hear.

The opening track of the E.P. is Elimination. It’s a good track and it does what it is supposed to in that it introduces the music that is to follow, but it isn’t a patch on the rest of the E.P., it’s a nice starter for the main course to follow. But then…..Human Scum.

Human Scum is one of the best beatdown, moshcore style tracks I have heard in a while. And that’s a big thing given the number great releases in this genre recently. The guitars are awesome and the heavy, dirty bass guitar which closes out the track is a pleasure to listen to.

Up next is misery, very bass driven, very dark, very good.

The E.P. closes out with Hell and Abuser and with guest spots from Connor Muskett from Lashing Out and Stuart Carson from fellow Manchester based metal band, Mortal shift. 

Although it’s a little long at four and a half minutes Misery is the must listen to track for someone just delving in. 

Be warned, this release will conjure up dark disturbing imagery in your mind.