Deva St. John – Preacher

From voicing Super Smash Bros. characters to acting in the upcoming show, Suspicion, Deva St. John’s voice gets around, but it really shines on her latest single, Preacher.

Preacher builds up with pounding drums and fast guitars that leave you on the edge of your seat waiting for a drop. 40 seconds in you are treated to an explosion of distorted noise with St. John’s vocals fired up and ferocious.

The track’s sound is a mixture of 70’s punk influence, 90s feminist grunge attitudes and modern rock ‘n roll instrumentation. The aggression and larger-than-life chorus support St. John’s lyrics which discuss how methods from leaders of the ‘free world’ mirror the politics of religion.

It’s a politically charged output from the London-based artist and is a passionate commentary between the powerful and the common folk. The attitude is there and the swagger in her words is well-informed.

The instrumentation throughout most of the track doesn’t stand out on its own great but does the job in creating an atmosphere of anticipation and release. The guitars are fast and the drums are loud, it’s what you expect from a purposeful rock track.