Docksuns – Dancing On The Radio

An explosive beginning guides us into a classic mixture of rock ‘n roll and indie rock from Sunderland’s Docksuns and their latest single ‘Dancing On The Radio’.  

The band blend together all the sounds that make for an enjoyable indie track with delightful drum fills, therapeutic guitar leads, easy going rhythms and raspy vocals from James Baxter that merge with the instrumentation nicely. This is the kind of band that could rival indie favourites Blossoms. 

I was glad to hear the bass guitar breaking through in the latter half of the track and would love to see it dominate future releases from Docksuns as I feel their sound would complement it greatly and give their songs a beefier touch.  

Docksuns have orchestrated a classic chorus that will immediately catch you singing along without your knowing. It has an almost dreamy approach and the multi-layered guitars don’t miss out on anything and really fill out the track.  

What I like most about the track is whilst it has all the qualities of a modern indie rock track that we are all too familiar with, it has a taste of nostalgia from its guitar tones and general atmosphere. It definitely provides Docksuns with an extra edge in a oversaturated market.