Eat and Drink before the Gig – Bunny Jacksons

Bunny Jacksons is a short walk away and an ideal stop of if you are visiting The O2 Ritz + Gorilla for a gig.

This American themed bar has bright neon signs that entice passers by.

 The trendy two story building is the place of the 10p chicken wings, with the choice to upgrade to a more deluxe wing. The Jack Daniels infused wing is a personal favourite of mine. They stock over 100 American whiskeys to choose from and a range of American diner style food.

The bar is worth the visit because it makes you feel like you’ve teleported across the Atlantic, it’s buzzing with atmosphere from live music to American sports and even Beer Pong to keep you entertained.

I like the variety the menu includes and I enjoy the overall vibe.

You feel as if you are part of something, not just in a bar, it’s a sense of community which the staff bring to you in heaps. The quick service and the location makes it a perfect place to easily grab a bite to eat and drink before the gig leaving you plenty of time for you to grab your spot in the front row when you get there.

Address : 1 Jack Rosenthal St, Manchester M15 4RA

Website : https://www.bunnyjacksons.co.uk


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