Eavesdrop – In the Sea

Fancy hearing some innovative music to spice your day? Eavesdrop are the electronic duo you need in your life. Composing electronic music with dashes of pop, new-wave and alternative elements thrown in for good measure, the Swedish duo’s new single ‘In the Sea‘ is drowning in euphoria, and we’re completely living for it.

Bathed in a marching beat that will leave you walking like a badass down the street, this is the type of song to stick on when you’re needing a confidence boost. Mysterious yet able to assure you that they know exactly what they’re doing, Eavesdrop combine retro synthesisers, playful melodies and distinctive vocals to convey their iconic sound.

Telling the story of feeling deep down in the sea, watching the world live its life. A floating soundscape that builds with momentum continuously, ‘In the Sea’ deserves to be launched straight to the stars, its THAT good. Someone get this duo a pedestal already or on the cover of Spotify’s New Music Friday playlist, Eavesdrop’s refreshing sound is familiar to noughties artists such as Robyn, but it’s entirely their own.

What makes Eavesdrop stand out, you say? They’re confident, mature and know exactly what they’re doing.