Editorial : Advice For Bands – A Step By Step Guide To Fuckall

I recently watched a video online entitled, ‘Advice For Bands’. I can categorically say: what a load of shit! I’m all for constructive criticism and honest opinions but to give bands do’s and don’t’s is bullshit, and also potentially damaging.

Now Reyt Good Music have their own little ‘Road Trip‘, and they have guests who come on and give sound advice and offer their perspective on how things could be done, or they give a personal perspective on how their journey was. Never have I once heard that this is how things should be done.

The video in question was talking about EP’s and their relevance in the world of music. The person I listened to expressed how an EP was a useless and ineffective tool, and only served to boost the ego of the band and/or Artist! Wait, what?

Now I am all for giving advice if asked, but this would only be my opinion. To tell young aspiring artists to jump from a single to an album seems reckless and foolish. To give young artists a step by step guide, in general, is bullshit. And to tell a young musician that something they have created is nothing but an ego boost is ludicrous. Of course, it’s an ego boost! Young bands strive for ego and the admiration of others. An artist with a huge stage presence will go so much further than a little shy flower with a sob story. Far too many people think you have to fill in an application form and audition for a life in music nowadays. You must queue for hours and have overcome a great bump in the road to get the vote!? Fuck off, it’s dogshit. They don’t know the thrill of the road, the journey of a band which sculpts you as a person and blossoms the creativity. This advice is nothing better than telling them to ignore that.


Release a single, release two or three if you want. Don’t be afraid of your own creativity! For me, an EP is a great start for an aspiring Artist. Be creative and leave them wanting more without diluting the creative juice with filler. An EP is an amazing way to do this. I love an EP, it’s like an ‘amuse-bouche’ of music. It gives the opportunity to express who you are and put your ideas out there in bite-sized chunks. It allows you to test your strengths and see what people enjoy without playing your full hand.

A lot of things have changed since the 60’s and 70’s but some things haven’t. Politicians are still dealing with scandals, there’s social unrest in minority groups and there is still a huge issue with the distribution of wealth. The political and social unrest that fuelled rebellion and thought is lying there like a dormant volcano, the same fire that gave us some of the greatest musicians of all time. As an independent artist, you have so much MORE opportunities today than ever before to make money from your music and reach an audience. The Establishment may have moved on and the game has certainly changed but there’s no single path to success! Carve your own way, grasp your creative flow and let it take you on a journey. Gig as much as you can, go to gigs, watch, listen and learn. Mix and talk with musicians, laugh, drink, but be you. We already have an Ed Sheeran, don’t try and copy what is being done.Take it to the next level, be angry, be political, but most of all be you!

You don’t need some jumped-up fuckwit telling you who and what you need to be on a Youtube video. Chances are there is a reason they are making videos and not on the road or in a band. You just need the grit and determination to get out and do it! The rest will fall into place.

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