Elephant Trees – 4100

A new kind of Elephant Trees have made their return in 2019 with a single that can’t really be put in any box I can think of. When an up-and-coming band does something this drastic, it can go one of two ways. Spoiler: They smashed it.

Is it a ballad? Is it ‘indie’? Is it synth-pop? What the fuck is it? Elephant Trees’ newest offering ‘4100’ caresses you into a whirlwind of all of the above; delicacy with attitude is the best I can come up with. Martha Phillips’ songwriting ability can rarely be pulled in for questioning, and for a band that have achieved so much in the past 12 months, a bold change in sound is something to admire.


When U N C O M F O R T A B L E came out last year I was sold from the first listen. ‘4100’ isn’t necessarily as catchy, and it doesn’t necessarily have as many indie hooks for you to grab a hold of, but what it lacks in these areas that made their previous release so excellent, it makes up for by simply being a brilliant dive into a new perspective of Elephant Trees. So much so that it’s probably my favourite release by them so far.

They can adapt, and that is the most sought-after attribute a band can have.

The ability to throw a curve-ball into the mixer and shout “WE CAN DO THIS TOO”, and it not feel gimmicky or misplaced, is something to be excited for. Through the delicious vocals, the warming atmospheric synths, exceptional percussion, and this cinematic presentation, Elephant Trees have gone from the top of the mountain and shot themselves into the stratosphere.