EP Review : Vuromantics ‘In the Night’

Northern dark-pop. That’s how Vuromantics describe their sound. While Vuromantics itself is a band that’s still in its relative infancy, the members themselves are no strangers to the Sheffield music scene featuring members from Monoking and Stop Drop Robot. Their latest EP ‘In the Night’, certainly sees Vuromantics play up to their self-ascribed dark pop with five tracks of simple yet interesting electronica.

After spending most of their time as a band touring extensively, Vuromantics’ songs are essentially built for live shows, however this does not at all mean that ‘In the Night’ doesn’t make for a nice casual listening. The EP opens with tittle track ‘In the Night’, which is a slow set track led by drumbeats with a fine sprinkling of keyboards and synths to provide fun grooves. Singer Sam Christie’s vocals provide optimistic and somewhat hopeful musings to the track, creating the image the simultaneous excitement and nervousness that stems from physical attraction, “feet don’t fail me now, I’m dying to tell you something/heat don’t burn me up now, I’m lost in the sounds, I’m dying to feel your loving.”

The lyrical theme of a hopeful romantic and attraction is continued onto ‘Questions’ and ‘Not Over You’. With the former creating a laid back sounds and lyrics describing a newfound bashfulness of the songs protagonist who finds them self somewhat “tongue-tied.” The latter touches on a passionate but destructive relationship which has been romanticised through separation, “I’m not saying we should get back together, I’m only saying we can’t deny this forever.”

‘Waves’ and ‘Glory’ are were Vuromantics create their most interesting and unique sounds. As the middle and closing tracks on the EP, they provide a fresh contrast to the more straightforward pop tracks of In the Night. ‘Waves’ features eerily effected vocals creating a far out almost dreamlike feel to the song while ‘Glory’ ends the EP with minimal drumbeats and melodies with vocals uttering “I wish nothing but glory for ya” layered over.
If you were to describe the sounds of In the Night in a couple of words, ambient or atmospheric would spring to mind. While seemingly making a shift away from their more darker, gothic sounding earlier releases, such as ‘Vultures’, Vuromantics still manage to keep a brooding vibe to their music.

Even with more upbeat and laidback melodies. Although the tracks on In the Night don’t quite the have standout, catchy hooks to be classified as completely pop (the kind that you would often find in 80s synth-pop acts such as The Human League) the refreshing feel of the tracks on In the Night is definitely a winning combination for the band.


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