Festival News : Leeds / Reading Festival : Who is on and where?

We are deep in to festival season and at RGM we are particularly interested in the bands we have observed over the last 12 months and documenting how they have progressed and been rewarded with festival slots.

It’s a really good borometer and rewards the hard work bands put in to their career all year round.


To be rewarded with a festival slot can make a bands year no matter where you are placed on the bill. So we want to celebrate this and look ahead to all the amazing things happening at Leeds / Reading this year. We are a northern magazine so will focus on the Leeds stages.

All the news on Reading is HERE


So I’m going to start with the BBC Intriducing stage. Friday you need to go and see October Drift, they should be higher up the bill in our opinion, one of the hardest working bands you will ever experience on the circuit. Please catch them.

Saturdsy it all about The Blinders, what a year they have had. You have to catch Fizzy Blood and Himalayas are our top tips on this day too.

Sunday, wipe away the cobwebs and start your day watching Teeff, we have worked with them many times this year and are really passionate about this band, they are spectacularly good.

Comedy is a major attraction at festivals these days so we wanted to celebrate this, Leeds / Reading have the biggest presence of comedy, a really strong presence I’m sure you will agree.

You know all the big names so you don’t need me to talk you through them. We recommend Kiri Pritchard-McLean on the Sat as new talent on the way up.

Now onto the main stage, I’ve seen a lot of press and public opinion saying that this year is weaker than previous years, I’d have to agree on this one it’s just my own personal opinion, I could only see myself watching Kings of Leon before nipping back to one of the smaller stages.

We could go on forever giving you our top tips for the weekend , all we wanna do is encourage you to actively check out all the smaller stages, you will find your next favorite band if you look hard enough in there. That’s what is about for us. Go on have a go and let us know who you found.

Enjoy your weekend, stay safe and look after each other folks. Here are some other stages.



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