Festival Review : Leeds Festival 2018 – My Diary Journey through the festival

Leeds Festival, Not that it needs any kind of introduction but one of if not the biggest festival of the year in the UK/ possibly europe. When this years lineup was announced many people took to social media to discuss their rage “the worst lineup that Leeds festival had seen” I disagree with that strongly just overtime it’s just become a more diverse festival from Hudson Taylor to Travis Scott, I’m happy Leeds festival is adapting their festival to current times. With a massive 200,000 people going to this years festival.
My Journey at Leeds Festival

It started at 9am for me (Wednesday 22nd), the journey was getting to a friend’s house then a friend getting their car fixed for the festival of the year “Leeds festival 2018” we were ready for 9am (slight car troubles) and got there at 3pm then I was struggling to find a shuttle bus that eventually arrived 3 hours after it was promised.
Along the way I met a few people Liam, he was in the same boat as me he was waiting for shuttle bus his first time at the festival.. he was looking forward to the kooks and just having a good time with his mates… because that’s what a festival is really about at the end of the day.


And when it came the bus driver was constantly making us laugh. He had worked the festival for a couple of years now and he was on a horrible 3am shift no doubt he was loving it.
I eventually got my wristband and no doubt I had to wait another 2 or so hours for another shuttle bus.
Finally getting into the festival and I have never been so happy to see my friends we went to camp where everything was already setup and i saw everyone chilling by the fire but now it was too dark to actually take notice of who everyone actually was.

Getting to sleep was an entirely different story camping in the orange camp all we heard was the DUM DUM from the heavy bass in the distance but it felt as if that was right next to the tent, and the drum and bass was from the Waltzers.  With an early start at 5am we ventured out for a new tent seeing as the one we brung caved in on us in the night from the rain, once that was set up we chilled till about 12. And then fast forward to 7pm when I had an interview with the blinders which you can watch below:


That was also the time the acts started for the Thursday however with there not being many people arrived yet the crowds weren’t as hectic, me and my friends went to watch Boy Azooga a 4 piece band from Cardiff, this band has a different type of sound, type of sound that’s like a mellow, jazzy funk.
Then next day on the Friday we got to see Lady Bird at 12pm sharp, a three-piece punk act. First hearing about them when they were the first band to be signed to slaves’ new label “girl fight records” definitely recommend this band to anyone who enjoys punk music.

Then seeing shame on the main stage, shame are currently one of my favourite bands and this is the third time I’m seeing them, my first time was at the Leadmill small room which was probably one of my favourite performances to date they bring such a raw energy to the music industry. The second time being citadel main stage, this was when I saw the lead singer Charlie Steen had bleach blonde hair and a Pete Doherty t-shirt on I thought to myself this kid definitely has something that’s gonna last. Then of course the third time being Leeds Festival.

Also ended up seeing sports team, a very unique looking and sounding band in my opinion they offered something different energy wise that you wouldn’t really find seeing anyone else, the energy reminded me of something that joy division would’ve brung however we only saw them briefly.
As it got later into the night we saw a few more acts: Vaccines, Courteneers, they don’t really need any explanation.
Later this night I decided to meetup with a very interesting person we ‘ll call this person “B” well to me anyway this person blew me away it was incredible, B definitely changed my entire Leeds Fest and i just want to Thank you and your friends!

When it got to-night time it was relentless and Piccadilly there was never a sour moment at Leeds fest that’s all I can say it’s a festival for the people and by people anyone you can see everyone having a good time here.
Saturday the bands I saw were post Malone, he as always killed it first time I saw him was in 2016? (I think) at wireless festival, he’s definitely an act to see if you want to get in a good mood or have gone through a heartbreak… everyone will know at least 1 post Malone song.

Also went to see Maggie Rogers which in my opinion is one very underrated artist at this time, Maggie Rogers is an American Musician, how I found Maggie Rogers (back in 2016/17) was originally through Pharrell Williams one of those days were you’re just browsing YouTube and i found a Masterclass video of Pharrell Williams sitting in on a Music class, That’s when Maggie Appeared before our eyes and talked about her interesting roots of playing a banjo and creating folk music.. anyway and then she previewed Alaska and that took me away by surprise. But seeing her do that live was so special to me, incredible.

Walking around we saw so many people, you could tell who was here for the first time and who was here for maybe their time, the way people dress the way people don’t really care says a lot to me, but they’re having fun and that’s all that matters.. their smile.
Later that day (5:50pm) we ended up seeing Night Cafe, they as always were amazing this being the Third time seeing them.. however this time was partly different because i was actually in the crowd and not the photo pit, but they were excellent seeing everyone jumping, dancing and screaming/ singing along to change like the seasons was a memory I will not forget and i hope to see them again on their upcoming tour solo and with the wombats/ Blaenavon.

Then after walking out of night café we went down to The Kooks this is when the rain started no one really was fussed though as they just blasted out the classics (seaside & naïve) it was as if the rain was so tranquil we ignored it and once that passed we headed up to see The Blinders at 7:10PM when they started their set it reminded me of the first time seeing them in holmfirth when they supported cabbage on their “Healing Brexit Town experiment tour”. seeing them come out was very fierce, matt first then Charlie then tom.. when tom came out you saw the torment in his face with his war paint around his eyes smeared across his face down to his ears.
After Blinders finished I decided to call it because those were pretty much all the acts I wanted to see, going into the night I’d of learned from friday that there’s no point trying to goto sleep I might aswell enjoy the night so me and the friends i met at Leeds Fest went to Relentless & Piccadilly (Relentless is like a drum and bass rave? that’s positioned between a ravine of trees & Piccadilly is more classic hip hop anthems people enjoy and can dance to) but anyway we went there for a good 3/4 hours constantly moving further and further in… that night later turned into a blurr and i am in fact surprised i have remembered most of this now.

Next day Sunday.. the saddest day of Leeds Festival, I woke up with last night being the biggest blur of my life and to the biggest rain storm of the weekend.. not really want you want in the morning, we chilled for a bit hoping that the rain would settle down in time for Brockhampton… oh how wrong we were it just got worse and worse.

First act of the day Brockhampton, an American rap group or self-proclaimed boy band. They formed in 2015 based in California and founded by Kevin Abstract. The story behind them forming (partly) was from an Online Forum “KanyeToThe”. The performance they gave was 100% they were just having so much fun with it and you could tell in their faces and the aesthetics they had on stage was incredible, it almost was a visual experience for myself. but seeing them actually performing Sweet, Gold and Wildfire definitely made my Leeds Festival.
When they had finished we’d gradually make our way out of the Radio 1 tent to see the rain had not stopped at all (ha) that’s when we gradually slid our way back to our tent.. the rain had definitely dampened the leeds festival mood i’d say, but then again its not Leeds festival without a bit of rain.

We then headed back to the main stage to see dua lipa which in my opinion she didn’t really do that good as expected but then again I’m not such a big dua lipa fan i only really went because some of my friends wanted to see her and it could of been the fact it was raining so much that we didn’t really enjoy her that much.. but anyway after that we went back to the radio one stage.
Rex Orange County is an incredible talent and if you haven’t heard of him yet all i can say look out or give him a listen now, i guarantee you will not be disappointed. Rex Orange County or Alexander O’Connor is an English artist and songwriter who grew up in Surrey, at the age of 20 he has already done so much as an artist and is aiming for very big things. I first found Rex Orange County in 2017 when i saw a pitchfork article about Tyler the Creator finding him and adding him onto the credits of his latest album “Flower Boy” he was added onto Foreword, When he performs he has the hint of Awkward but still really sings his heart out.. he has a sound that will definitely sound familiar to you and i guarantee he will get you singing.

As a whole Leeds festival is definitely a festival for any music lover and gig go-er or even if you just want to go to have a good time with your friends because at the end of the day it isn’t entirely about the music it’s about having a good time and that’s almost guaranteed at Leeds festival. The enviroment is so different to any other festival. This was the first time i attended Leeds Festival and it could of been the best 5 days of my life.
With the amount of people I met and the good times i had with my friends. My expectations lowered at the start of the weekend with the 5-8 hour wait when it came to getting in but when i got in and actually started experiencing it everything changed. It was also a chance for me to meet people who live very far from me and hang out with them people for the weekend and im so glad I did because when it comes to things like this it’s all unpredictable and who knows maybe ill see them again from this one experience of Leeds festival.

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