Festival Review : Live at Leeds 2018 : Our journey and highlights

Live at Leeds. The festival for up and coming indie bands. It’s a really enjoyable event for any music lover.

However, the one thing I’ve noticed is the venues are quite far apart with variances of 15-45 minute walks between them, you’d have to really plan the bands you want to see to avoid missing them due to this slight hurdle.

I first made my way to the 02 to see Peace , they are a band of 4 with their self proclaimed genre “peace”. I’d be more likely to say their music fits into rock, Indie & Psychedlic genres. The band itself are from Worcester.

Peace captured the energy of the day, it didn’t take long after the set started for the crowd to be enticed. Seeing them perform ‘1998’ was just how i imagined; intense light show and mosh pits one after another the perfect song to see live. However I only managed to catch half of their set because of the walking distance between the O2 academy and stylus, and i didn’t want to miss out on indigo project. Indigo Project are a “indie pop” band from Leeds. Their fast pace music tells stories of “late nights & bright lights” and I really enjoyed their set. I spent most of their set in the photo pit, they really kept the energy high but the crowd didn’t look like they really felt it unfortunately. Don’t worry Indigo Project, your energy was recognised. The band genuinely looked like they were having fun while doing it. Lately I’ve noticed so many bands just taking it too seriously, I’m hoping to see more from them this year.

Back at the 02, The Magic Gang are a  “alternative indie” band from Brighton. This band is one of my all time favourite bands. I remember last summer when I first heard “Your Love”, the memory that resonates with me the most was my friend driving through country roads with this song on repeat. That was a great summer anyway. Seeing them live was a strange experience, I felt like they didn’t give it their all compared to what I’ve seen of them in the past (live videos). However apart from that they still got the crowd singing and chanting “YORKSHIRE, YORKSHIRE” so I suppose they did a good enough job.

Now into Leeds Beckett for High Tyde, a indie pop/ dance-rock band from Brighton. A must see band as they were reccomended by multiple friends and i’m very glad i caught a glimpse of their set. It took me by surprise Live as I started listening to some of their music on spotify and they’re one of those bands that you really must see. My favourite song to listen by them at the moment would have to be “Glow” very upbeat and the lyrics are  crazy.

Live at Leeds has to be one of my favourite festivals of the year, it wasn’t really the bands that made it for me though, it was the people you’d see enjoying the same music you love. It wasn’t just an average alternative teenager you were stood next to, all ages were present. I guess that’s whats so unique about music in a whole. Live at leeds is definitely a must see festival, because I guarantee that some of those bands you’ll see will be the next big band of the future and you can say you were there from the start.

Catch more pictures from this years Live at Leeds at my website HERE

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