Film : 61 Hugs – Short film by CK Goldiing, How would you respond if a stranger asked you for a hug?

How would you respond if a stranger asked you for a hug?

CK Goldiing’s  debut short film ’61 HUGS’ stars the universe & its many stunning humans.


If you were put in this position, what would you have done? Would you have said YES? I wholeheartedl believe that everyone who said “NO” was 100% within their rights, and I love them for giving this film balance.

Visit for bonus content, special downloads, exclusive interviews & most remarkably, watch ’61 HUGS’ being attempted around the world. Visit

The RGM Podcast : 40 Film Special – CK Goldiing’s guests talking about his new film 61 Hugs

Welcome to the new RGM Podcast. CK Goldiing is a Sheffield-born writer and content creator who, amongst other things, takes on some crazy social challenges. His biggest to date was when he spent six months in London with his camera, living only on money earnt from pay-what-you-want photoshoots with musicians and an initial £100.

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