Film Review : Robin Hood

Robin Hood hasn’t exactly had the best run of Hollywood adaptations. With them either being lacklustre or flat out bad. Sadly, 2018’s Robin Hood doesn’t break this curse and is yet another tired attempt at reinventing a tired old story. Hopefully, we won’t see another Robin Hood movie for many years to come.

Throughout the movie, you’ll be questioning what era this is actually taking place in. Most of the clothes wouldn’t look out of place in today’s world, with leather suits and jackets that could have only been made using machines. Timeline and continuity errors plague this movie until the bitter end. There’s also no logic behind any of the fight scenes, though saying this they are still incredibly entertaining. I will say this for the movie, it is never once boring. It found a way to keep me invested and entertained at least until the end credits. Which is more than I can say for some movies I’ve seen this year.


Taron Egerton does his best with what he is given, though I found his character to similar to Eggsy from Kingsman. He’s proven himself to be a good action star and hopefully, he’s a part of another good movie in the future. Jamie Foxx is really good but stupidly underused. He is no more than a sidekick which is fine if he was seen fighting with Robin more than just a few times. Will someone please give Jamie Dornan a good movie to be in, if anyone has seen the BBC series ‘The Fall’ then you know how much of an amazing actor he is. Sadly, he’s been given nothing but bad movies to star in and I really hope he gets his big break soon. Eve Hewson as Marian goes from a strong side character to damsel in distress in a matter of minutes. Finally, Ben Mendelsohn is entertaining to watch but after seeing him as the big, shouting baddy in almost every movie he’s starred in its getting slightly old and boring.

The visuals are laughably bad, where there is practical use it looks great, soon as it cuts to a close up it’s blatantly obvious its a green screen. Arrows look out of place, catapults look cartoonish, backgrounds look ridiculous. If there wasn’t so much wasted CGI then maybe the movie wouldn’t have cost almost $100 million to make.

Overall, Robin Hood (2018) is laughably bad if not still really entertaining. I was never bored like I was watching Fantastic Beasts, this movie won’t do anything for anyone and if you plan on going to the cinema then they’re plenty more movies to choose from. Just like the King Arthur film last year, this will most likely be forgotten very soon.

Robin Hood (2018) (4.5/10)

Director: Otto Bathurst

Runtime: 116 Minutes


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