Film Review : Pet Sematary

The scares can be very cliche and for that reason alone, I never once found myself on the edge of my seat. The only effective scares came within Rachel’s sister, which felt almost like body Horror with the way she moved around, not necessarily scary but definitely creepy. Everything else is easy to spot from a mile away and I don’t find animals scary so the cat was never intimidating. 

There’s soon becoming a common trend about remaking all of Stephen King’s movies. We first saw it in 2017 with IT and now we carry on this trend with 2019’s Pet Sematary. A movie that I wasn’t looking anywhere near as forward to as I was for IT. Much more of a slow burn than the creepy clown movie, Pet Sematary struggles to find its footing until roughly halfway into the movie. Even then I never cared enough about the plot to ever be invested in the characters.

I didn’t really like any of the characters despite all of the actors delivering very solid performances, especially the young girl. The dad is the main character yet he gets little to no character development. However, his wife gets tons and shes only a side character. The little girl does get enough screentime so that when the accident does happen it is hard to not really feel any sadness. John Lithgow (who easily gives the best performance of the movie) is one stupid old guy. This is one major plot point I never understood, I can understand that the cat was a dear friend to the daughter and you want to bring it back for her. However, you know exactly how your dog came back and you want a killer cat to be around that little girl? He does say “This time I thought it would be different” but really would you even take the chance? The cat could claw her eyes out or anything. I found this extremely stupid towards the character and a major problem with the plot.

I found the cinematography to be quite good for the most part, although I wasn’t a fan of the dull greyish colours they chose and it didn’t help that the movie was mostly boring. That’s really Pet Sematary’s biggest flaw is just how boring it is, barely anything happens until the final act and its lacklustre scares don’t help. 

Overall, Pet Sematary doesn’t do anything new to separate itself from other dull horror movies. It’s full of cliches, cheap jumpscares and a boring narrative. There are a few good points, the acting is good, I liked the backstory to do with the mum, its a shame the dad never got that sort of development, the cinematography was also quite good although nothing spectacular.

Pet Sematary (5/10)

Director: Kevin Kolsch/Dennis Widmyer

Runtime: 101 Minutes