Film Review : The Crimes Of Grindelwald

I remember going to see the first Fantastic Beasts and being pleasantly surprised. I have never found myself to be the biggest Harry Potter fan, finding out I really enjoyed the first spin-off from that franchise came as a surprise to me. Two years later and we’re given the first sequel and it is one of the most disappointing sequels I have had the pleasure of watching in years. How does a franchise stoop so low?

The movie starts with such an amazing opening scene, which sadly only leads to much disappointment. Starting strong is good for any movie but you need to be able to keep that feeling going until the end. The feeling does return during the last 30 minutes, which is tense and most of all entertaining. However, the 2nd act is so boring and hard to sit through that me and my friends found ourselves yawning more times than any movie should make us. Plotlines get introduced but go nowhere, my guess will be returning in future movies. It spent more time shoehorning details into the plot setting up future sequels, that it forgot to be its own movie.


I respect Crimes Of Grindelwald for how much it wanted to please the Harry Potter fanbase. From the smallest details to including The French Ministry Of Magic, to the mention of Azkaban. Its respectful to the fanbase, even if more questions are raised than answered.

Johnny Depp gets robbed in this movie. His portrayal of Grindelwald is superb and threatening, it’s just a shame he barely has any screen time, or least enough for him to leave an impact. Jude Law is passable as young Dumbledore but his portrayal is nothing special. Sadly, like Grindelwald, he shares little to no screen time. I find this to be a personal one as many people liked him here more than the first but I found Eddie Redmayne to be especially annoying. His boyish and charming attitude made me wanna throw up. I found his character sweet in the first movie but here he is irritating. Most people will like him so this is really a personal thing. Everyone else is good, I found the actions taken by a certain character to be absolutely stupid but I can’t talk about it without going into spoilers. The most interesting character in the movie is barely in it, ill let you see the movie to find out who I’m talking about.

As usual with Harry Potter movies, the effects are top notch. The final scene is a spectacle that I can’t praise enough and needs to be seen to believe. The CGI is spectacular on everything from the small creatures to the larger fire dragons. It’s always nice to get more practical work but I won’t be too picky as the effects are so stunning.

Overall, The Crimes Of Grindelwald is a disappointing sequel with Great performances but underused characters. Stunning visuals cant detract from the poorly written script that focuses too hard on setting up future sequels.

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes Of Grindelwald (4/10)

Director: David Yates

Runtime: 134 Minutes


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