Film Review : The Greatest Showman.

I didn’t expect much from this film as I’d never seen a ‘non animated’ musical film before. (I watched Lion King once and hated that rubbish as well) Also, I’d very quickly like to warn you not to expect too much from this review as I have zero idea about film production and I struggle to concentrate through even the most basic of plot lines so god only knows why I’m writing this.

The movie starts with a young tramp boy and he fancies a piece of a young posh bird. Who is pretty tidy if I’m honest. The girls rich dad slaps the kid and warns him to stay away from his precious daughter. He does for a while but they remain pen pals.
The film jumps 50 years into the future. Possibly 30 or 40, (it never actually says) and the boy has understandably grown up into the guy that plays Wolverine. He still wants to get stuck into the same woman who by now has also aged at the same rate but now they’re both adults can do what they like so she leaves all her riches and goes off with the tramp boy. I’m pretty sure every single love film has done the same thing so minus points for complete lack of originality there.

Despite working in a shitty job, Wolverine is still poor but that doesn’t matter to her because she loves him for who he is not what he is etc etc.
Anyway, he gets sacked from his job and is really up shit creek having zero money coming in. After a while he manages to lie to a bank and blag a 10 grand loan. Which was a lot of money in those days apparently. Instead of developing property or setting up a farrier business he rounds up a load of freaks and gets them singing and dancing. Not seen that in any Hugh Grant films (excluding a brief scene in Love Actually)

After about a month he’s suddenly doing quite well so buys a massive mansion which I call bullshit on. No way could he afford somewhere like Buckingham Palace after a month of taking a few quid. Absolute bullshit.

Eventually the gang of weirdos bump into Zack Efron and he hooks them up with the Queen. Not at all far fetched I’d say. In fact no, that was extreme sarcasm.
After a bit more singing and dancing and a couple of ups and downs it all works out and by the end they are so successful they can even afford CGI lions and elephants to join the outcasts.

I didn’t enjoy this type of film at all. In fact that’s a bit of a lie. I kinda enjoyed it very slightly more than I thought I would but that is an extremely harsh criticism as my hopes couldn’t have been any lower. Occasionally through the film I sort of felt I was just starting to enjoy it ever so slightly enjoy it and then boom they break out into a song and I found myself not being able to hear what they were going on about. For me, if you cut out all the singing, banged in a car chase and a few machine guns we’d have an Oscar winner on our hands. But they’re not gonna change it now are they. That’s musicals for you.

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