Film + TV : What’s new to Netflix This week

There’s so many films to choose from when you flick through the selections on Netflix. So much so that it can be easy to miss new additions to the catalogue. With that in mind, here is a round-up of what’s new to the streaming service.

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The Ballad of Buster Scruggs – the Coen brothers latest movie has been given a limited cinema release, but if you don’t fancy making the trip to the cinema, then Netflix has your back. The Coens return to the Western here with an anthology made up of six mini-stories. Their off-beat sensibility and masterful character creation should be perfect for a relaxed night in front of the telly.

Warrior – before UFC hit the mainstream, this 2011 fight film gained a little cult status. It follows two brothers, played by Tom Hardy and Joel Edgerton, who enter a mixed martial arts tournament which seeks to find the toughest man on the planet. Both leads are magnificent; Hardy as a tortured veteran and Edgerton as a struggling teacher. Their relationship is so emotional, having become estranged partly thanks to their failed father, played excellently by Nick Nolte. Intense, emotional and ever-so engaging, this one is definitely worth your time.

2 Guns – this 2013 action movie is lead by the impressive duo of Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg. While far from the best film on either of their filmographies, this is a fun, easy-to-watch action thriller set on the US-Mexico border.

Narcos: Mexico – on the TV front, Netflix has dropped all ten episode of their latest season of Narcos. This season sees the cast and story completely changed as they move away from Colombia, Pablo Escobar and co. and over to Mexico, for a look at the equally big drug cartel problem just south of the US border. With Michael Pena and Diego Luna (Rogue One) added to the cast, it’s clear Netflix are going all out with one of their most successful series’ to date.


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