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Food and Drink : Sheffield Dry Gin launches new 57% gin alongside three gin liqueurs.

Sheffield Dry Gin have launched their 2018 Autumn/Winter range. The collection includes two bottles of limited edition gin and a liqueur gift set.

Set to keep you warm during the festive season, the collection includes a ‘Spiced Fig and Victoria Plum’ flavoured gin as well as the new ‘Navy Strength’ which weights in at a volume of 57%. Not for the faint-hearted. The liqueur gift set includes flavours of Sicillian Lemon, Chocolate Orange, and Coffee & Vanilla for those drinkers with a sweet tooth.


The ‘Spiced Fig & Victoria Plum’ costs £38 per bottle and is a unique blend of warm botanicals and fruity sweetness. Best served over ice with premium tonic and a slice of fresh ginger, this drink is sure to go down well.

The ‘Navy Strength Gin’ costs £32 per bottle and is described as ‘full-bodied with a bold flavour and subtly sweet undertones’. With added rock samphire and sea buckthorn, this is a Steel City take on the maritime classic.

The liqueur gift set is on sale for £30 and brings together a mixture of distinct flavours. Perfect for after-meal chasers, this set is sure to make drinkers rejoice.

For anyone looking to purchase anything from this collection, visit

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