Francis – Postcards

In a time where traveling the world is unavailable, London-based musician ‘Francis’ (Callum Stubbs) presents us with his latest single ‘Postcards‘ and an ethereal journey from the comfort of your chair.

Postcards‘ speaks volumes of today’s society where we can only livestream gigs and stare at our phones yearning to get out and see the world. His escapism number is inspired by a trip to the Scottish highlands and the singer-songwriter aims to reconcile and create peace in his music.

The gentle guitar chords ring out over a gentle drum beat that comfortable keeps the rhythm and adds an easy dose of energy in the middle of the track. Francis’ voice soars over additional warm synths where the collaboration of instruments provide a dreamy and soothing vibe.

With inspiration from visiting the cities of Europe, Francis desires to be reacquainted with who he is singing to in Postcards. The track provides hope to be with those we would like to be with right now wherever they may be and taking in the lyrics and general escapism of the track, Francis successful provides a light in these dark times.

The track also features the artist ‘Jolé’, as Francis plans to collaborate with other “like-minded songwriters.” For a first release and a vibrant feeling of warmth and ease, I look forward to seeing future releases from Francis. Postcards is the kind of track we need right now to drift away, reminisce and forget, even if only for three and a half minutes.